A-MIMO-0003-V2-12 Poynting Antenna
Poynting MIMO-3-12 2×2 MIMO LTE Antenna
Poynting MIMO-3-12 2×2 MIMO LTE Antenna
Poynting MIMO-3-12 2×2 MIMO LTE Antenna
Poynting MIMO-3-12 2×2 MIMO LTE Antenna

Poynting MIMO-3-12 2×2 MIMO LTE Antenna

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  • Backwards compatible with 3G and 2G technologies
  • 2 x MiMo LTE
  • Ultra-wideband 410MHz to 470MHz, 690MHz to 2700MHz and 3400MHz to 3800MHz bands
  • Cleverly designed decorrelated antennas give superior MIMO performance in cellular bands
  • Careful mechanical design provides ruggedness, corrosion, water, dust resistance (IP68)
  • Transport broadband, automation and telemetry for Busses, Utility, Trucking & Public Safety vehicles
  • Industrial factory automation, robotic machinery and other M2M systems telemetry
  • Farming & Agricultural automation such as M2M & IoT
  • Broadband cellular for Marine (inland and near coastal vessels)
  • Mining Vehicles & Machinery communications, telemetry and automation (M2M & IoT)

Product Overview

The MIMO-3-V2-12 consists of a 2-in-1 system providing two cellular antennas in a single housing. This antenna is specifically designed for the transportation and marine industry. The 2x Cellular MIMO antennas cover the contemporary 690MHz to 2700MHz bands, as well as the new emerging LTE and 5G spectrum for 450MHz and 3.5GHz CBRS bands, which are becoming popular for LTE. This antenna, due to its wide band capabilities, can be used across different operators and technologies and is ready for future cellular technologies such as 5G up to 3.8GHz.

The radiation patterns of all elements provide an excellent balance between omnidirectionality, pattern diversity, and radiation abilities. The MIMO-3-12 main applications are commercial and industrial vehicles, marine, M2M and other IoT systems using a Cellular and LTE radio technologies.

GSM/3G/LTE electrical specifications
Frequency Bands:
410-470 MHz
690-960 MHz
1710-2700 MHz
3400-3800 MHz

LTE Max Gain: 5.8 dBi
LTE VSWR: <2.5:1
Feed Power Handling: 10 W
Input impedance: 50 Ohm (nominal)
Polarization: Linear Vertical x 2
Cable loss:
0.35 dB/m @ 900 MHz
0.53 dB/m @ 2000 MHz
0.6 dB/m @ 2500 MHz
0.72 dB/m @ 3500 MHz

Environmental Specifications
Wind Survival: 136 mph
Temperature Range (Operating): -40°F to +175°F
Environmental Conditions: Outdoor/Indoor
Water/particle ingress: IP68
Salt Spray: MIL-STD 810F/ASTM B117
Operating Relative Humidity: Up to 98%
Storage Humidity: 5% to 95% – non condensing

Mechanical Specifications
Product Dimensions (L x W x D): 10″ x 5″ x 5.7″
Weight: 2 lb, 7 oz
Radome Material: UV Stable SAN Marine ASA
Radome Colour: Brilliant White
Cable Length: 82.5 Inches
Cable Type: RTK-031
Connector: 2 x SMA male
The connectors are factory mounted to the antenna