Hytera BD302i UHF Two-Way DMR Radio

Hytera BD302i UHF Two-Way DMR Radio

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Compact and lightweight BD302i Series radios provide cost-effective and easy-to-use radio communications with excellent performance.

The Hytera BD302i is an entry-level, grab-and-go digital radio that requires minimal training for users. The BD30i supports the 400 to 470MHz UHF frequency range with 48 Channels and 3 Zones (16 Channels per Zone). The BD302i has 2W of output power, which provides a suitable range for small and medium workplaces like retail, hospitality, and single-site school campuses. Weighing only 5 ounces, the lightweight and compact design makes the BD302i easy to carry and operate for long shifts.

Excellent Performance and Value The BD302i provides reliable communications, crystal clear digital audio, powerful Li-Ion battery for up to 16 hours of operation, and excellent value for the money.

Rugged and Reliable. The BD302i meets MIL-STD-810-G for shock and vibration, and IP54 for dust and water resistance to guarantee reliability in harsh environments

Analog or Digital. Many radio manufacturers are discontinuing their legacy analog radio systems, and the BD302i can be congured to operate in analog or digital mode to provide a simple and cost-effective way to migrate to modern digital radios.