Industrial Ethernet Cable - Armored, Mobility Rated, Bulk (per/ft)

Industrial Ethernet Cable - Armored, Mobility Rated, Bulk (per/ft)

Northwest Towers
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Peak performance and uptime are the key components to why we built this Armored Industrial CAT5E Ethernet Cable from Northwest Towers. This 4 Bonded-Pair 24AWG (7x32) Stranded Copper Ethernet comes with the following features:

  • Polyolefin Insulation - Super Weather/Temperature-Resistant
  • Overall Foil Shield - Protection against electrical interference
  • 24AWG Stranded TC Drain Wire - Dramatically increasing component lifespan by draining static electricity as it builds
  • UV Sunlight & Oil Resistant PVC Outer Jacket - Outdoor cable that will outlast your indoor components
  • CMX-Outdoor CMR - Proven durability and performance
  • Aluminum Interlocked Armor with UV Sunlight & Oil Resistant PVC Outer Jacket - Resilience and protection taken to the ultimate extreme


  • Reliability and consistency are built-in to allow maximum uptime
  • 100% shielded to protect against physical damage and electrical interference over a wide range of frequencies
  • Because we use only the very best industrial solutions in every component of this cable, you are protected against the widest array of potential issues

Cut to order lengths up to 1000ft.  Stranded conductors suitable for mobile applications or high vibration environments. The cost is per/ft.

 Call +1-503-548-2005 for bulk discounts

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